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Esca'box "Fate and Treasure"

  • Esca'box "Fate and Treasure"

Esca'box containing ALL the equipment you'll need for Escape Game "Fate and Treasure".

5 numerical padlocks
2 regular padlocks
1 bike lock
1 lockable box + 1 pouch
3 envelopes
3 playing cards
Simple puzzle (45 pcs)
6 wooden pegs
1 map containing cities names for our code 1
1 Book: the History of Europe in Bite size Chunks (to solve code 1) by Jacob F. Field
Sticky notes
1 magnet
4 Table name stands
1 Marker
1 Sticky Label
Introduction (Inspector) Letter
Colin's Letter
Amber's ID
Code No. 1 and 2
Scarlet's diary letter
Travel Pass
Final Letter
Set Up guide
Game Master's notes